1- HIPAA Compliant Network

In order to become HIPAA/HITECH compliant, medical practices are required to implement hundreds of security controls in their network. It’s quite obvious that normal MSP providers are not aware of HIPAA standards and regulations. We provide a team of specialized Cyber Security professionls that have worked in this field along with legal HIPAA attorneys that provide the legal advice to prepare the servers and workstations with HIPAA best practices. Our HIPAA design will provide you with detailed reports required by HHS auditors when it comes to investigation. We deploy your network services based on NIST/HIPAA standards that will protect you against the future.

2- HIPAA Evaluation Services

One of the requirements of HIPPA is performing periodic IT evaluation and keeping record of the preventive activities performed. ePossible will perform the evaluation on a predefined basis and will provide you the report along with preventive messures in mind so you can focus on your business while we focus on your security and compliancy.